10 Keys to Weight Loss.

Weight Loss is simple.

We make it complicated by over-thinking, obsessing and being inconsistent, but anyone can be successful at it.

Here are our 10 keys to weight loss:

1) Plan & prepare – we say it a lot. Planning your weekly menu and preparing the food ahead will help guarantee a successful week.

2) Lift weights – that’s right, it’s a key factor in revving up your metabolism.

3) Fill up – by consuming too few calories you risk your health and weight gain. Be sure to get the right amount of calories and fill up on the right kinds of foods to help your metabolism be most efficient. Not sure what to eat? Check out our 6-Week Shape Up plan – the biggest complaint we get is that it’s too much¬† food! :)

4) HIIT training – try high intensity interval training, these short bursts of high intensity have been proven to burn calories up to 48 hours after the workout. Wowza.

5) Drink water – oh, sorry, have we told you that before? Yeah, we’re not kidding.

6)¬†Active rest days – it’s just as important to rest as it is to workout.

7) Customize – don’t avoid the real world. Learn how to apply healthy lifestyle habits into your everyday life – this is how you set yourself up for success!

8) Doggie bag it – don’t be afraid to leave food on your plate, save some for leftovers or throw half of your restaurant food in a doggie bag before even eating it. Recognize your habits and adjust.

9) Simple Swaps – swap evening snacking for an evening walk, soda for water with a shot of unsweetened cranberry juice and light weights for medium weights. These simple swaps will do wonders for your metabolism.

10) Sleep – a key factor to weight loss that most of us busy-bees ignore. Get sufficient ZZZ’s! (or ZZZZed’s as us Canadians say, eh :) )

If you look at all 10 and think you’re doing them all and wonder why you still aren’t losing weight, do us a favour and look closer at your lifestyle and see where you may not be noticing little things that add up to significant set-backs. These are sure-fire, guaranteed ways to lose weight but your body can get used to doing the same things.

Still at a lose? Check out our 6-Week Shape Up and let us help you break that plateau and reach your goals!

Comment and let us know if you do any of these 10 things!

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About Risse

One half of the Go Fit Gals! We set you up with a nutrition and fitness plan to get you healthy. Check us out! www.gofitgals.com

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  1. Great post and so true! 10 easy things to remember and easy to change that make HUGE changes!

  2. Thanks for all the profound tips, Risse; they will definielty get us to our full potential as humans:))

  3. I gave up pop by buying a soda stream and just carbonating water – I add a little lime juice and I’m good to go. (and no sodium or packaging from bottles of club soda). It wasn’t the flavour of the pop (diet coke) I craved, it was the ‘burn’, which I still get with the fizzy water. 1, 2 and 4, I need to work on!

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